More about Division Recruitment

In recruitment, it’s all about trust. It’s getting candidates to know that they can trust you to find the right opportunity. And getting clients to know that they can trust you to find the right candidate.

Here at Division Recruitment, we’ve used our industry experience to build a successful business based on strong relationships and trust.

Our industry experience comes from working in healthcare recruitment for over a decade. We’ve helped many councils, NHS trusts and other organisations find the best candidates for their roles. Today, we provide nationwide coverage supported by a dedicated recruitment team in each region of the UK.

What’s more, our relationships with employers across the country mean that we have access to sought-after jobs before they go live to all other agencies across the country.

Above all, the trust we’ve built up is because we understand the importance of honesty, transparency, clear communication, advice and aftercare. In short, professionalism in everything we do.

Trust us to help you find your next health or social care career opportunity today.

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